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Chairman's Report 2016

The last year seems to have passed so very quickly; during this time we have welcomed Philip Marns to the Council and received the resignation of Dennis Prior and we thank Dennis for his service of 4 years.Following the district ward elections held in May 2015, the new representatives for Littlebury, Chesterford and Wenden Lofts are Cllr Julie Redfern and Cllr Robert Chambers who both attended a meeting to introduce themselves.   It was agreed that Cllr Redfern would attend Littlebury Parish Council meetings on a regular basis.At this time we cannot forget our previous District Councillor, Janet Menell.  Jan was first elected in 1975 just one year after joining Littlebury Parish Council in 1974; we are truly indebted to Jan who has worked tirelessly over 40 years supporting our parish and parishioners.



John Lodge (County Councillor) attended one of our meetings to discuss the various issues within the parish; although sympathetic he was unable to provide assurance that these issues would be resolved. Needless to say potholes, parking, road markings, signage and state of footpaths continue to be raised regularly.


School Transport

Last year concerned parents raised the issue of school transport; this was discussed with Cllr Lodge who suggested we invited Cllr Gooding (Cabinet Member for Education and Lifelong Learning) to a meeting; unable to attend, he forwarded the “Home to School Transport Policy – County Council position statement” which stated categorically that the new policy would stand. Although voicing objections there was nothing the Parish Council could do.


Community Speed Watch

Volunteers continue to operate speed watch in Littlebury Green and Catmere End.  An application has been made via ECC for Quiet Lanes in Littlebury Green and Catmere End and this is still ongoing.


If there are any Littlebury residents who would be interested in forming a new speed watch group please contact our clerk.


Recreation Grounds

The Parish Council cover the insurance for both Littlebury and Littlebury Green play areas and have safety checks to keep the play equipment fully maintained and our caretaker carries out remedial work as necessary.


Following a tree survey carried out in March last year a number of trees had to be cut down in the Littlebury Recreation Ground.


Open Spaces

Hardy Landscapes continue to cut the grass at both the Littlebury Recreation Ground and the Church Yards.


Audley End Estate and the local farmers are thanked for their assistance when problems arise also for keeping the hedges cut when possible.



Every month the parish magazine is collated by Betty Newbold and we thank her and the volunteers who deliver the magazines.  We are also most indebted to Lizzie Sanders who maintain the website.  To advertise an event or just see when the bins are collected please go to:  Remember to keep the website topical you need to advise Lizzie what is going on, where and when.


Green Waste     

The green waste continues to be collected fortnightly; collections are from the Recreation Ground and Merton Place; look at the website or magazine to see collection times.



We have managed to keep the precept at £27,500, as per the last 2 years.


Catmere End Pond

The pond is overgrown and needs to be cleared and we hope to look at this in the autumn.



We now have a defibrillator situated in the telephone box in the centre of Littlebury.  Thanks go to both Cllr Redfern and Cllr Chambers who funded between them the cost of the cabinet to house the unit from their Ward Members Initiative. Thanks also to Dave Heales and his team for cleaning, painting and wiring the telephone box.


First Responders gave a training session in the Queens Head on using the equipment and this was well attended.  Please keep a look out for the next training session.


Going forward we have a defibrillator for Littlebury Green, and are looking for possible grants to help fund a cabinet; we will hope to do the same for Catmere End in the future. 



Following David Day’s concern about the triangle opposite the Queens Head extensive work was carried out to remove and replace the soil and replant; this was carried out with the help of some Littlebury Laddies and machinery loaned by Tony Appleby.  For the first time a Christmas tree twinkled in the triangle and along with the lights at the Queens Head, gave a truly festive feel.


The triangle outside St Johns Farm house was not forgotten; the white signpost was restored by the Rangers and thanks to Brian Sanders who has repainted and varnished the village sign.


Ongoing thanks to David & Pamela Day and Pauline Gale for keeping the triangles tidy.


White Railings

The railings in Walden Road has been an on-going topic for well over a year; however, I’m pleased to report that after a site review work is now in progress for the refurbishment and I hope if things go according to plan work will be carried out in the early part of June.



A word of thanks to the volunteers; they help in many ways from doing small jobs; collecting litter, reporting on transport or being a first responder and we hope we’ll have their continued support.


The aim of the Council is to look after the parish and I thank my fellow Councillors various roles who contribute to this; to Cllr Redfern who reports and assists on any district issues and to our clerk, Tracy Coston.  Tracy is a font of all knowledge; we have come to realise that if she doesn’t know the answer she knows a man who does.


Thank you for your time.