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Telephone/Computer Scams

July is Scams Awareness Month.
As a result of the recent Essex Community Messages sent out regarding scams, it has become apparent a number of people have been contacted by scammers recently by telephone stating that they have a virus/ problems with their computers. The caller goes on to warn the customer that their computer will become unusable if the problem is not fixed and offers to guide them through steps to fix the problem. Instead of helping them though, he directs them to download a program that asks them to pay a fee.

Similarly, scammers are contacting residents pretending to be from Microsoft or Windows or a company working on their behalf. They say something like “we have reason to believe there’s a problem with your computer”. They will then ask you to log into a website that will give the caller total control over your computer. This will allow them to obtain all sorts of personal details without your consent.

Our advice is
*Never pay anyone to fix your computer remotely.
*Never give your bank details to someone you don't know or allow them access to your computer.
*View Telephone Preference Service for information on a free service to help reduce nuisance callers.
*View Mail Preference Service for information on a free service to help reduce nuisance mail.
Please email or contact Action Fraud with any information if you believe you have been contacted fraudulently. The more information received, the closer we get to identifying offenders.