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Preparation for Parenthood

Jan Menell is a retired local midwife with many years experience of preparing couples for the birth of their baby, and delivering babies at home and in hospital. The cost for a full course is £90 per couple.  Individual sessions: eg Refresher classes £20.  (2009 list).

“I have previously undergone training as an NCT teacher and attended many courses on birth preparation during my years as a local midwife.  I have worked in Princess Alexandra hospital delivery unit, and the Rosie maternity unit, though predominantly I was a Community midwife.  I run these courses as a member of the Federation of Ante-natal Educators, FEDANT.”

 The full course consists of five two-hour sessions, a postnatal follow up and a postnatal ‘tea party’ (when members of a group re-unite, together with their babies).  The course content covers all preparation for birth:-

 This includes massage, breathing techniques, relaxation, active birth positioning.  There will be discussion about birth under water or on dry land, home or hospital; an understanding of the deviations from the normal process and the use of pain relief during labour. The care of the newborn baby, feeding methods and the art of breast-feeding and how to cope in the postnatal period as parents, and with the new baby will all be covered, and there will be meetings with other new parents to discuss water birth experience etc.

The course should enable you to look forward to the birth of your baby with confidence. It is my dearest wish that you approach this exciting moment in your lives without fear or apprehension.  This should be a time of great joy, whatever the outcome. No new parent should feel they have ‘under performed’! To have been on this journey through pregnancy, labour and finally parenthood is a wonderful achievement, and one that I hope you will be able to reflect on with pride and happiness.

Littlebury Green is small hamlet two miles from Littlebury. Leave Saffron Walden past Audley End House. Take B1383 and turn off to Strethall and Littlebury Green between Littlebury and Newport. Follow double line of Horse Chestnut trees, turn left to Littlebury Green at crossroads, having passed under rail and motorway bridges. Up hill to centre of hamlet, past green corrugated church building on left. Note ‘school/playground’ signs, Walnut Tree Cottage is set back between these signs. Note large brown wooden box on side of road,under weeping willow tree, we have field gate and long drive, opposite pink house.  If you get to the telephone box you have gone 75 yards too far! 

Janet Menell, Walnut Tree Cottage, Littlebury Green, Nr. Saffron Walden.   Usual time: - Saturdays 11am-1pm.

To book please contact Jan on t. 01763 838553  or e.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.