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Trains at Littlebury

Thank you Gordon Ridgewell for these pictures of freight trains passing through Littlebury "polluting the atmosphere with their smoke". The first was taken on 20th June trailing 2000 tonnes in the early morning light and the second the 22nd June.


Download this file (Level_crossing.pdf)Level_crossing.pdf

Beating the Bounds of Littlebury

May 1st proved to be a magnificent day on which to 'Beat the Bounds' of Littlebury. Over 40 people took part in the walk, joining and leaving at different points along the eleven mile route. It is estimated that 15 people completed the boundary.


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Our newly planted 'Triangle' at St John's Square

Jo Hancock writes, 'You may have noticed that the triangle in front of Littlebury Farmhouse has been partly replanted over the weekend and now has a resident bug hotel! The forecast is for dry weather over the next few days, so if anyone feels inclined to give the plants a little water at any point it would be very much appreciated. Thank you to Stalley's Barn for giving us things to build the bug house, bird feeders and the hedgehog house. They have also said they will give us a bigger bird house and supply all that's needed to keep the feeders topped up with food.' And a big thank you too, to all the volunteers for beautifying our village.

Kathmandu to Kalimpong … by bike!

The idea of a gentle bike ride through pleasant countryside appeals to many people so why not stretch the concept a little and try and raise some funds for a good cause while you are at it? This is what Tim Hughes of Littlebury did in February.

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